Chef Mary, Your personal chef
     I come from a family of foodies.  My mother was a dietitian and taught in the food science and nutrition department at the University of Minnesota.  At an early age I developed a love for cooking nutritious and delicious food, and a healthy respect for the safe handling and preparation of food. And, my mother had Celiac disease (intolerance of gluten), and my father was a diabetic with high blood pressure, so I also learned about cooking for special diets.
     In 2009, at the age of 9, my son was diagnosed with allergies to eggs, dairy and gluten.  It is a challenge to cook for any one of the diets, but all three at once? No mac n’cheese, no mashed potatoes, no pizza, no school lunch, oh my.  Over the next few years, I developed delicious recipes that everyone enjoyed, that also happen to be gluten, egg and dairy free.  
     Preparing meals for the family became an exercise in creativity. Balancing nutritional needs with the sensual experience of eating that would be appreciated by a picky eater (my husband) and a young boy, resulted in creating meals that look beautiful, sound enticing, smell inviting and taste amazing.
     Now, transforming my avocation into a vocation I established The Portable Cafe in 2013 to fully embrace my culinary roots.  I have a certificate in Culinary Arts, as well as National Food Safety certification, extensive knowledge of nutrition and the National Dietary Guidelines for Americans, 2010, and the requirements for many special diets.  These are enhanced by my love for cooking, the joy I experience by pleasing my guests, and many years of cooking experience.

 Let me help you answer the age old question, 'What's for dinner?'