Commissary Kitchen Available 


In the busy Madera Village Shopping Center at the  corner of Tanque Verde and Catalina Hwy (road to Mt. Lemmon)


24/7. Pick a time that is right for you.


You have the option to sell your product(s) directly to the public in the retail section of our kitchen. Call me for more info.

My Philosophy: 

I want to create an awesome, fun work space to grow our businesses. One where we are congenial, respectful and cooperative.
If this is what you are looking for, read on.


The prep section has 3 clean and bright, work stations. One is dedicated to The Portable Café, the other two are available for you to rent. 
The shared large kitchen has a 6 burner gas stove with oven, a single tier convection oven, a grill, small, counter-top fryer, work tables, cooling rack, fridge, some pots, pans, sheet and hotel pans, cooking utensils, shelving, hand washing sinks and a veggie sink.
The dish washing area contains a 3 compartment sink, a commercial dishwasher, power sprayer, everything you need to make the task easy.
Several small appliances are available
Other things the kitchen will provide:
Cleaning supplies for dish washing area, floor cleaning supplies, paper towels for hand sinks, bathroom supplies
There will be two shelves of refrigerator space and dry-goods space for you to use as you cook.  Cold and dry-goods storage space is also available for a small monthly charge - included in some ackages.  See pricing to the right.
The Portable Cafe will provide general cleaning including the ventilation hood, and bathroom.

 Your Responsibilities

 Do your part so everyone has a good experience. 

     Clean up after yourself.
     Do your dishes as you work and put them away so others may use them. 
     Clean up your mess on the stove, in the ovens, and counter tops, etc.
     After your shift wash the floor in and around your work station and in the kitchen. 
     If you make it dirty, please clean it. 

 Provide the disposables you need, like:

     All food
     Paper towels as you work
     Counter cleaning rags
     Pan liners, foil, plastic wrap
     Bleach and sani bucket
          You get the idea
You will also need to provide specialty equipment for your business
You may need more pots, fry pans, sheet pans, etc. than I have available, depending upon what you are cooking

Show proof of:

Food Safety Certificate from Pima County
Caterer or Food Manufacturing license
Health Department Inspection 
Insurance, $1 million minimum

 There are some no-no’s

Please don’t use the supplies of others without their approval
     The good news, there is a big Safeway in the shopping mall.
     Easy peasy to get something you have forgotten.
Since we share equipment, please don’t take equipment out of the commissary without approval from me.
P.S. You have got to pay your rent on time.
     I’m not that big that I can afford to float you a loan.


By the hour pricing

7 am – 10 pm
Hourly rate multiple uses $17/hr
between 7 am and 11 pm.
Commit to a one year lease and receive $2 off per hour. First month’s rent and deposit are required up front. 

One time use

Starting at $20/hour* Call for details

Refrigerator space

$30/mo per shelf approx. 22w x 26d x14h 

Dry goods shelves

Size, approx. 3’w x 18"d x 16"h
One shelf $20/mo
Two shelves $30/mo
Three shelves $40/mo
4 shelves $50/mo
* This price is for two people working. If more people are on your team, there will be an additional charge of $20/person/day.
RENT A STATION 8 HOURS/DAY SEVEN DAYS A WEEK between 11 pm - 7 am for only $500/month.  You will have full access to your prep station and the shared kitchen during your scheduled time. Two dry goods shelves and one refrigerator shelf are included.

Best Deals

Enjoy a huge savings and convenience over hourly rental. 

If you have an established business and need kitchen space more than 20 hrs/wk. Lets talk. Below are some suggested use scenarios. Let's find something that will work for you.
RENT AN ENTIRE STATION 24/7 Full access to your private prep station and the shared kitchen only $1800/mo with a one year lease. Settle in; make this space your little slice of heaven.       Includes 1 single-wide refrigerator and one 6' x 3' dry goods’ shelving unit at no extra charge. We can negotiate for more fridge and shelf space  (Not good with any other offer. First month’s rent and deposit are required up front.)
RENT A STATION 8 HOURS/DAY SEVEN DAYS A WEEK between 7 am - 11 pm. for only $1,200/month with a one year lease.  You will have full access to your prep station and the shared kitchen during your scheduled time.  Includes two refrigerator and two dry goods’ shelves at no extra charge.  (Not good with any other offer. First month’s rent and deposit are required up front.)  
**Pricing is subject to change without notice