• with orders over $70 within zip code 85749.
  • with orders of $100 or more within a 20 mile radius of my kitchen
  • with orders of $250 to Green Valley or beyond 20 mile radius
  • Orders may be picked up at my kitchen, Fridays after 5 pm, or by appointment Saturday.
      With any other scenario there will be a delivery charge of                between $5 and $40.



Meals and items available 

Substitutions may occur if an item isn't available.   
Below, one serving is the first price (i.e. $20) two servings are the second price (i.e.$32).  Additional servings go up by the difference between the two. In this case $12.

Jan 8

$20/32  Tamale pie, one pot meal
$20/32  Sauteed rotisserie flavored chicken, sage and cheese mashed potatoes (with skins), veggie
$20/32  Chicken and dumplings, veggie
$20/32  Pork loin stuffed w/medley of dried fruit, roasted
potatoes or squash, veggie
$23/38  Grilled Shrimp or baked white fish, black rice and squash, grapefruit, avocado, and spinach salad

 Jan 15

$20/32  Meatloaf, au gratin potatoes or plain baked sweet or
Idaho potato, veggie
$20/32  Lemon basil chicken with basil aioli, Lundgren rice,
$20/32  Chicken Alfredo, veggie
$23/38  Grilled shrimp or salmon with a citrusy ponzu glaze (or plain), bourbon glazed yams, veggie
$20/32  Oven braised lentils w/ turkey sausage, mixed greens and veggie salad
$5/16 oz  Roast Beef, barley and vegetable soup
$4/ serving biscuits or cornbread

 Jan 22

$20/32  Beef or turkey chili, cabbage and apple salad with
raisins, sour cream cheddar biscuits or corn bread
$20/32  Cherry glazed chicken w/ cherry, herb stuffing, veggie
$20/32  Chicken Florentine, pasta with mushroom sauce
$20/32  Pork tenderloin, Hot German potato salad, braised red cabbage
$23/38  Slow roasted salmon w/pea pods and coconut rice

 Jan 29

$20/32  Keema Aloo (Indian Ground Beef and Potatoes),
$20/32  Creamy parmesan garlic mushroom chicken, egg
noodles, veggie
$20/32  Greek chicken with slices of zucchini, tomatoes, lemon and onion, brown rice
$20/32  Braised lamb and vegetable ragu w/ rosemary polenta
$20/32  Cinnamon spiced pork and plums, butternut squash,
$5/16 oz  Ham and split pea soup
$4/ serving biscuits or cornbread

 Always available

  • Lasagna: 2 meat, Vegetable, Two meat with  BBQ sauce and roasted chilies, 7 cheese manicotti, Chicken Alfredo $20 or $30
  • San Marzano Marinara Sauce 16 oz: $6 2/$11  24oz:$8 2/15
  • Tub of Marinara Bolognese: 8 oz $8 2/$15
  • Garlic cream sauce or Alfredo sauce: $8 2/$15     
  • Salmon cakes $4 each
  • Breads -Lemon, Bread Cranberry Orange - $8
  • Soup: Italian Tomato, aka Pickle, Ratatouille(vegan), curried red lentil. These were my best sellers at the farmer’s market  Or, I'll make your favorite, just ask.