Here is what we at the Portable Cafe are doing to keep you safe 

  • I encourage you to stay home. Let me bring meals to you.
  • My meals will last for 7 days in the fridge. It is a cost effective way to keep you healthy.
  • I, my kitchen and all the chef’s who work there have always had “Excellent” ratings with the Health Department.
  • I personally oversee the shopping, preparation, cooking and delivery of all of my food.
  • I deliver for free or a small fee, like 5 bucks, unless you are in Green Valley, so you really don’t have to go out.
  • First, my orientation. I am older, turned 66 in Dec. so I am very sensitive to the virus’ impact on older folks. I’m doing everything I can think of to keep you – and me- healthy.

At my kitchen:

My kitchen is immaculately clean. The health department has always given me, as a chef, and my kitchen, ‘excellent’ ratings. All of the chefs who use the kitchen also receive ‘excellent’ ratings. To make sure we follow the rules, the Health Department visits each chef in my kitchen twice a year. Because I have several other chef’s who use my kitchen, they are in my kitchen A LOT.
  • I wash my hands (for 20+ seconds) the minute I walk into my kitchen.
  • I have changed my sanitation solution to a germicidal bleach that will kill viruses
  • Then I wash down everything with the bleach – my phone, the handles on the doors including the fridges and freezers. The packages I bring in and every item from the grocery store. Then I go out and wash down my car.
  • I wash my hands many times during the day, many more than the health dept requires.
  • I wear gloves and a mask when I cook. I put your food in sanitized containers; I sanitize your plastic delivery bins/coolers every week before I load them.
  • Steve, my husband and delivery driver, sanitizes the parts of the car he will touch before he begins loading. He puts on fresh gloves before he handles your containers and wears a mask. He leaves the box outside your door.
  • You can hand him a check or I can send an invoice and you can pay online.

At my house

  • My son, Thomas, never goes out except to take the dog for a run. He is very concerned about getting us sick so he goes nowhere. – Poor kid.
  • Steve goes to Walmart once a week and fills the cars with gas. He always wears gloves and a mask and washes down everything he brings into the house.
  • I do more grocery shopping, but have been wearing gloves since the first person got sick in AZ. – weeks now, months? I wear a mask. I wash everything with sanitizer including my purse and car
This lengthy explanation is just to reassure you that we are all as safe as I can make us.
Your caring friend,

 Have questions or concerns? Call me at (520)318-9956 or email to