Your menu can be as creative as you are. Or get some ideas from these suggestions or see what is on the current menu

Grilled chicken with grilled seasonal veggies, multi-grain rice, apple crisp

Green peppers stuffed with veggies and +tofu, hamburger or black beans, served with roasted squash

Chicken pot pie with tossed green salad  

Meatloaf, your favorite potato and glazed carrots

Chicken and wild rice soup with mushrooms, toasted gluten-free cibatta rolls

++Broccoli soup with seasoned croutons

+Sweet potato, peppers and Swiss chard frittata with crusty garlic bread

Pork loin roast with mashed potatoes and gravy, Brussels sprouts tossed in browned butter and dill

+Vegetable strudel with sweet potato roulade 

Sautéed pork with pan gravy, hot German potato salad and red cabbage

Check out the menu for this week. Then, tell me what you would like to order  for dinner, (520)318-9956. 

Individually prepared ingredients, ready for assembling a sweet potato, pepper and Swiss chard frittata
Sweet potato, pepper and Swiss Chard frittata hot from the oven - it is still steaming.  
++Vegan dishes contain no animal products. Consider these if you have high blood pressure or high cholesterol or love delicious combinations of interesting vegetables. 
+ Vegetarian dishes contain eggs &/or dairy
To the left is rich and creamy Quiche Lorraine with smokey bacon and nutty Swiss cheese in a custard of milk and eggs.  It is accompanied by a simple tomato and cucumber salad with a light Italian vinaigrette