Cold fruit soup



  • with orders of $100 or more within a 20 mile radius of my kitchen
  • with orders of $250 to Green Valley or beyond 20 mile radius
  • Orders may be picked up at my kitchen, Fridays after 5 pm, Saturday morning between 9 and noon or by appointment.
  • With any other scenario there will be a delivery charge of between $10 and $40.

Current Menus

Print a pdf of the menu for March 6-27, 2020

Meals and items available 

 March 20

$20/32  Corned beef and cabbage dinner
$20/32  Baked chicken, tomatoes and basil, sweet potato, Spinach havarti bake
$20/32  Melt in Your Mouth Baked Chicken, Twice baked potato with bacon and cheddar cheese, veggie
$23/38  Ginger rice with salmon, Bok Choy and broccoli
$20/32  Taco-style baked sweet potato – think twice baked sweet potato filled with black beans, cheese, tomatoes, corn, cilantro and green onion
$5 half loaf $9 full loaf   Irish soda bread choose with or without raisins
$5/serving   Baileys (Irish cream whiskey) cheesecake  
$5/serving   Irish apple cake with custard sauce 
$7           Tossed salad

 March 27

$20/32  Hamburger casserole, veggie
$20/32  Creamy sausage (chicken sausage) spinach and gnocchi soup
$20/32  Chicken Fricassee, brown rice, veggie
$20/32  Pork chops, Pear and shallot crust-less tart with whipped goat cheese
$20/32  Golden stuffed peppers with zucchini tomato and basil on a bed of quinoa
$7           Tossed salad

 Always available

  • Lasagna: 2 meat, Vegetable, Two meat with  BBQ sauce and roasted chilies, 7 cheese manicotti, Chicken Alfredo $20 or $30
  • San Marzano Marinara Sauce 16 oz: $6 2/$11  24oz:$8 2/15
  • Tub of Marinara Bolognese: 8 oz $8 2/$15
  • Garlic cream sauce or Alfredo sauce: $8 2/$15
  • Shepherd’s pie $20       
  • Salmon cakes $4 each
  • · Breads -Lemon, Cranberry or Blueberry crumble: $8
  • Soup: Italian Tomato, aka Pickle, Ratatouille (vegan)  
    Or, I'll make your favorite, just ask: $5/16 oz