Italian Tomato, aka Pickle soup

My signature soup, contains spicy sausage, veggies and, yes, dill pickles. It was by far my best seller at the farmers's market. 


I love soup.  I love making soup, I love eating soup. If I have a specialty, it's soup. If you don't see your favorite, let me know.  I probably make it, just didn't add it to the list.

Turkey wild rice & mushroom soup

I make all of these soups. They are not all available every day.  Call me to see what is available today.   
Chicken, turkey and vegetable based soups are $5 for 16 oz. 
Beef, fish and seafood soups are individually priced between  $7 - 10 for 16 oz. 
Soups are packaged in 16 or 32 oz, microwavable, heavy duty, plastic containers.  After you finish the soup reuse the container over and over.  The labels peal off easily. They are dishwasher safe on the top shelf. 
Butternut squash*
Carrot and parsnip*
Fruit soup*
                Dried fruit
                Strawberry Rhubarb
Green gazpacho*
Roasted red pepper*
Spicy curried cauliflower*
White gazpacho*
* These soups can be made with vegetable stock instead of chicken stock and no dairy making them a vegan option. They are all low in cholesterol and saturated fats. 
Black bean
Buttermilk salmon
Chicken with noodles, rice or matzo balls
Chicken corn chowder
Curried chicken corn chowder (light)
Chicken or turkey and wild rice with mushrooms and carrots
Clam Chowder New England (cream base) or Manhattan (tomato base)
Ground beef chili
Italian Tomato, aka pickle soup =my best seller
Lemony Smoked turkey
Split pea with smoked ham
Thai chicken soup
Vegetable beef
White bean chili

And so many more!

I make much of my own vegetable stock, saving the pot liquor from cooked vegetables and cooking up vegetable scraps. It is so flavorful I frequently don't have to add any salt.
Carrots, onions and celery, also know as mirepoix, is the base of most soups


The Portable Cafe offers some fabulous desserts you won't find anywhere else.

Citrus Pie

Combines the tart flavors of grapefruit and lime with white chocolate and and cream and tops it with curls of white chocolate. It tastes as impressive as it looks.

Roulage Leontine 

Light as air gluten-free chocolate cake wrapped around whipped cream. 
Let me say, I also make some amazing lower calorie, gluten, egg and/or dairy free desserts that everyone will love. 

How about an ice cream cake with a cookie crust, layered chocolate and cherry-chocolate-chunk ice creams, topped with chewy fudge sauce.

Yes, it is gluten, egg and dairy free and was a sensation, dare I say, at the holiday party. No one except my son knew or cared that it was gluten and dairy free, and lower calorie than dairy ice cream.  They just inhaled it.  My son said it was an amazing Christmas present not to have to have a different dessert from everyone else.