Menu June 2017

June 2 

June 2nd  all meals are $20 each
Chicken, Avocado and tomato crepes with sauce mornay (a cream sauce with cheese) broccoli (also good with the sauce)
Calazone with a marinara dipping sauce, fillings includes sausage (pork or chicken), spinach and three cheeses, tossed salad
Dover sole, or other delicate white fish, dipped in flour and pan fried, small butter parsley potatoes, vegetable

June 9

June 9th all meals are $20 each except the selection of steak which is $25/meal
Chicken scalopini (pounded thin) with a light curry sauce, small seasoned couscous, grilled peaches,
Hawaiian sweet and sour meatballs, brown rice, veggie
Pork chops, or steak, potato salad with a vinaigrette dressing, avocado and strawberries or mango

June 16

All meals are $20 per meal except the Crab or shrimp salad. Both are $25/meal
Chicken Fricassee, brown rice, veggie
Grilled flank steak layered with grilled Vidalia onion and slices of tomato, baked potato, veggie
Crab or Shrimp Louis salad, Big chunks of crab atop, romaine, cucumber, radishes, tomatoes, hard boiled eggs and asparagus with Louie dressing- an elegant thousand island dressing. Bread and butter

June 23

Meals are $20 except the shrimp or salmon which are $25
Classic BBQ chicken, cold white bean salad with vinaigrette dressing, veggie
Zucchini boats stuffed with hamburger and cheese, farro or other grain, tossed salad
Grilled shrimp or salmon (wild Alaskan, pearl couscous with grilled veggies and pine nuts, veggie

June 30

June 30th all meals are $20 each 
Chicken Caesar salad with tomatoes, crusty French bread and butter
Beef round steak with cranberry stuffing, veggie
Pork loin scaloppini with gravy, mashed potatoes, veggie

4th of July picnic, ready Saturday, July 1

Picnic $20/person add $5/ person for ginger lemonade
Pork tenderloin or roasted  chicken sandwiches on crusty french bread with fixin's
tomatoes or cantaloupe, lettuce, green onions, sprouts, avocado, chipotle aioli, mayo or  basil pesto,
Roasted Corn and Poblano Salad with Lime Vinaigrette
Mojito watermelon with lime and mint
Brownies, with or without nuts

A word on 'veggies' in the menu.

Sometimes it is hard to know exactly when  veggies will come into and go out of season. And, as we have all seen in the grocery store, some days they look better than other days. So instead of listing something specific, I just indicate whether a tossed salad or a veggie accompanies the meal. 

Tossed salads always have some salad fixin's included with a salad dressing.

Veggies are usually pretty unadorned. Sometimes a pat of butter or lemon wedge is included, maybe some toasted almonds.

How to order

Send me an email with your selections or call me: Mary @ (530)328-9956